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Posted on March 24, 2010

An information meeting held March 17 by the Limousine Associations of New Jersey drew more non-members than expected and raised membership ranks.

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. — A meeting last week designed to update New Jersey operators on a new limousine law and explain new background check rules not only netted new members but enabled LANJ to reach a wide swath of the state’s limousine industry with critical regulatory information.

An estimated 200 operators showed up for the meeting, designed to update them on the New Jersey Limousine Law passed this year and new rules approved by the New York Taxi And Limousine Commission.

“We were all floored,” said LANJ executive director Barry Lefkowitz. “The buzz and level of excitement and number of people exceeded our expectations.”

LANJ signed up new vendor and operator members, Lefkowitz said. Numbers on additional LANJ memberships were not immediately available.

Members of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission held a power point presentation that explained registration details for chauffeur background checks of chauffeurs and how to properly fill out the forms.

LANJ also honored outgoing New York Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Matthew Daus for his cooperative approach to working with the chauffeured transportation industry in crafting regulations and working to understand the unique demands and needs of chauffeured transportation, Lefkowitz said. Daus was given a LANJ’s 2010 Industry Achievement Award.

As a final bow to the industry, Daus is helping Lefkowitz and officers in LANJ and the Luxury Base Operators Association set up an informational meeting with the incoming NYTLC Commissioner, David Yassky, to discuss chauffeured transportation industry concerns going forward.

LANJ’s education efforts will continue at its next meeting May 19 at the Hilton East Brunswick, off Exit 9 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Ronald Marino, director of compliance for the New Jersey Department of Labor, will be talking about an array of regulatory matters, including worker’s compensation insurance rules, overtime wage guidelines, and other regulations affecting the industry.

In addition, Vehicle Production Group (VPG) of Miami, a maker of MV-1 mobility vans and vehicles, will be sponsoring the May 19 meeting and holding a morning session where employees will present details of the CNG version of its new MV-LX livery/limo vehicle, which looks like a cross between a luxury van and a London taxicab. The vehicle was on display at the 2010 International LCT Show in January. Any operator that buys 25 of the vehicles at the meeting will win a free CNG gas station to be built on the operator’s property, Lefkowitz said. Larger operators based along the East Coast will be invited to the presentation.

— Martin Romjue, LCT Magazine

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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