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Posted on December 31, 2009

TORRANCE, Calif. — The International LCT Show coming up next month offers industry businesses a unique way to establish themselves as major players.

A general sponsorship can help a company get brand exposure to more than 15,000 visitors in a six-month period. Such positioning is vital as the economy recovers in 2010 and competitors ready themselves to gain customers during the comeback.

An investment in a General Sponsorship Includes:

1) Company logo in prime real estate rotating for six months on the home page of LCTSHOW.com 2) Company logo featured in the sponsor section on every page of LCTSHOW.com

3) Company logo featured as a General Sponsor on the 2010 exhibit hall entrance unit

4) Company name featured as a General Sponsor in the 2010 official show program

5) Company logo, link, and customized message on an exclusive sponsor page on LCTSHOW.com

Aside from creating a buzz and word-of-mouth publicity that cannot be measured, this exposure opportunity would normally cost thousands of dollars through other marketing venues. But LCT is offering it for only $1,500.

Companies can purchase General Sponsorship by contacting LCT’s sales and marketing coordinator Nanette Babich at (310) 533-2580 or [email protected]

More details at the International LCT Show Web site

Sources: LCT Events Department

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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