KISS Rule: What Does A Model Position Paper Look Like?

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Posted on November 11, 2009

LOUISVILLE, KY — While the KLA would be considered a smaller association by industry standards, its final draft of a position paper provides a clear and cohesive summary of what operators are all about and their key goals in advancing business interests.

Organizational and mission statements that are short and sweet get more attention than long, puffy statements of noble intent.

Position Paper


Kentucky Limousine Association (KLA), founded in October 2006, a non-profit organization headquartered in Louisville, representing limousine companies throughout the state of Kentucky. Limousine companies provide transportation with sedans, vans, SUV’s and stretched vehicles. KLA members are small-businesses, with approximately 90% of its member companies operating 10 vehicles or less. Owners of these companies work in their businesses on a daily basis, many times doing the chauffeuring. KLA member companies each provide on average over 250,000 safe driving miles per year and over 75% of the trips are transporting two or more passengers.


The purpose of the KLA is to provide a national and local forum for the exchange of information and views by members of the KLA; to provide a mechanism for the collection of information and inform members concerning matters of mutual interest and concern; to advance the interest of the industry and its members before the Congress of the United States and other Federal, State, and Local regulatory authorities; to provide the industry and its members group and/or individual insurance; and to perform such duties as will benefit the KLA and its members.

Limousine Companies Are Good Community Stewards Because They:

• Provide drug-free, safe & reliable transportation during proms and graduations

• Provide hundreds of donated trips to area charities, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in Kentucky communities.

• Encourage academic excellence through participation in student reward programs.

• Provide women traveling with children with pre-arranged chauffeured transportation rather than taxi transportation.

• Encourage designated driver program – encourages groups of people to carpool during a night out – keeping potentially drunk drivers off of our roads.

• Perform over 250,000 safe driving miles per year, per company, on average

• Are transporting two or more passengers in over 75% of their trips – carpooling produces a greener environment.

Legislative Position

• Support initiatives and appropriations that protect legally operating limousine businesses and limousine clients.

• Support the imposition of fines for limousine companies that operate illegally.

• Support initiatives that promote public safety with regard to for-hire transportation.

• Support initiatives that promote knowledge of the operating status of limousine companies.

• Ensure that legislative initiatives do not create an undo burden on limousine businesses and individuals. Specifically, imposing a sales tax on designated drivers, prom students, military personnel, and grieving families.

• Oppose card check legislation (Employee Free Choice Act) that denies workers a private ballot vote on whether or not to unionize.

Source: Kentucky Limousine Association

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