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Posted on June 24, 2009

Limousine Associations of New Jersey

Luxury Base Operators Association

Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association

LANJ, LBOA, and the PRLA were part of the 81st annual American Association of Airport Executives Convention. The three industry associations were presenters of the “Industry Award” at the keynote address that was held in Philadelphia to recognize the “professionalism and outstanding working relationship” that the associations have with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and its five airports and the Philadelphia International Airport. James Moseley of James Limousine and Barry Lefkowitz, Executive Director of LANJ, spoke and made the presentations to both organizations.


The Limousine Associations of New Jersey (LANJ) successfully gained passage of State Senate Bill A3634 which will define limousine and chauffeured services and will prevent the Avis WeDriveU chauffeured business model from operating in New Jersey without being under regulatory authority. Additionally, it allows the New Jersey State police to go on illegal operators’ premises if they have probable cause. LANJ expects passage in the full Assembly on Thursday.


The Luxury Base Operators Association is working with the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to gain some relief from the new TLC Rule 6-29(c) which penalizes bases one point if a vehicle affiliated with it reaches four points.

Bases can disaffiliate with a vehicle to protect themselves but the notification process regarding summons was not communicated to the base. As a result of the meetings, the TLC will now post on its website any summons that carry points with them so that the base can stay apprised and act appropriately if disassociation is needed. The base will be protected as long the vehicle is not associated with it when the fourth point is issued. This can occur as late as the day before the hearing. Bases now can protect themselves for additional points.


The PRLA recently hosted Jack Ferguson, executive vice president of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, during its meeting. Ferguson brought the association up to date on the expansion of the convention center and events occurring in Philadelphia during the next year. The PRLA has been bringing members of complimentary associations to its meetings to share information and begin fostering a working relationship with those organizations. In July, the PRLA will host the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Charlotte Regional Limousine Association

The executive board of the CRLA met with Jerry Orr, aviation director, for the Charlotte Douglas International Airport to discuss the upcoming renovation at the airport. The airport will be tearing down an existing parking garage and moving the car rental areas. Operators have had concerns about the upcoming renovations, and this meeting allowed the association to voice those concerns to the airport. Specifically, the CRLA asked that the airport address the following points:

• Hours of availability for decal renewals. The association would like the process reviewed so that it is easier for operators to get their permits renewed.

• Vans accessing the parking decks. Since 9/11, vans have been restricted from the decks. This is a huge inconvenience for operators.

• Additional parking in the commercial lanes

• Staging area

• Responsiveness to phone calls and emails

• Inconsistent accounting practices. The airport recently changed from quarterly billing to monthly, but the bills only show a total and are cumulative with previous months included in that total. The association would like an itemized bill that shows payments along with each charge.

• Advertising at the airport.

• Enforcement of illegal drivers at the Welcome center.

Orr has agreed to review the issues and work with the association to come to an ameanable solution.

Greater Orlando Limousine Association

GOLA recently hosted Orange County mayoral candidate Linda Sterart at its June meeting. Sterart is a small business proponent who is willing to work with GOLA in the future to assist them in issues facing the Orlando limousine industry.

Source: Linda Moore, LCT Magazine

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