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Posted on May 27, 2009

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — The South Shore Charter Public School in Abington, Mass. must perform regular fund raising to maintain its operations. Last year, the school hosted an event called Touch A Truck. Different types of vehicles were assembled in a parking lot and attendees were given access to see the vehicles and their cabs.

More than 500 people attended. On Sunday, May 17, the school held the second annual Touch a Truck. Weather was a bit of a deterrent with rain keeping some of the masses at home. Despite the weather, the event still drew more than 300 attendees.

But the biggest hit of the day for 10-year-old Tanner DeMaggio who attended the show for the past two years with his mother, Denise, the event’s organizer, was the limousine. “It was awesome,” he said. “The roof had lights that were changing colors. There were TVs and shiny glasses and coolers for drinks. There was a speaker in the back that you could push to talk to the driver. I would like to ride to school in that every day.”

JB Livery, Inc. of Weymouth, which has 20 vehicles and is located in the South Shore area of Boston, donated the limousine for the Sunday afternoon program. Organizer Denise DeMaggio sang the praises of JB Livery. “I can’t say enough good things about them. They were terrific to deal with when we were organizing the event. Their staff was always friendly and helpful. What really put them over the top was the chauffeur who worked the event. He was patient with the children, showing them how everything worked. He had the lights and the music going. He made it fun for everyone who stopped to see the limousine. It was the hit of the day.”

Chauffeur Eric Pearce represented JB Livery Inc. at the event. Matt Elie, vice president of JB Livery, Inc., believes that it’s important to do these types of events. “The cost to participate is nominal. We get a great deal of exposure from being out in the community. The school uses us for their class trips and we like to give back to them for supporting us.”

Limousine companies often are asked to donate to charity events. Lately, those requests seem to have increased as funding sources for social programs have begun drying up. Although most of us have charitable hearts, we just aren’t able to donate to every program. But events such as this are the foundation for future clients. The immediate rewards of participating may not be measured in the short run, but it does build a foundation of community support. These children are future prom goers. Their parents judge your company by how your staff responds to their children.

For JB Livery, Inc., the result will be a great deal of word of mouth business from the organizers and other parents who benefited from the excitement their children felt when they were given star treatment.

Source: Linda Moore, LCT Magazine

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