BostonCoach Expands Website Functions

LCT Staff
Posted on April 7, 2009

BOSTON — BostonCoach recently launched a new version of its Web site to provide clients unique online booking functions.

The site has been designed to give bookers real-time control of their travelers, who are constantly on the move. It provides an improved client experience with more flexibility, efficiency, control, and access to information for bookers when scheduling and managing ground transportation for executive, personal, or events travel for themselves or others.

An easier-to-use and improved booking channel for customers that has the look and feel of a sophisticated travel site, has been completely rethought and re-engineered and offers a number of new features not available on other ground transportation sites, including:

• Save ride as a draft: Enables individuals to interrupt a booking transaction and revisit it later or to save a booking for similar future trips;

• Auto-complete: Saves time and increases accuracy by checking against a database and enabling users to automatically complete location information being entered;

• Book to points of interest: Allows users to enter a destination name, for instance a hotel, restaurant or office tower, saving time and improving efficiency; and

• Control Center: Provides online bookers the ability to manage reservations, preferences and information for themselves and others such as:

• Sort multiple bookings by traveler, date or location for easier management

• Manage rides in real-time to modify times and locations if necessary for changing schedules

• Add or delete delegates and travelers seamlessly for increased flexibility

Source: BostonCoach

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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