Time to Take A Sustainability Benchmark Survey

LCT Staff
Posted on February 4, 2009

NEWTON, Conn. — For the first time ever, Limousine Environmental Action Partnership has created a benchmark survey for operators on environmental sustainability programs.

As green programs increase in importance to corporate sustainability officers, the chauffeured transportation industry will greatly benefit from analyzing industry standards for sustainability programs.

The survey is co-sponsored by LCT Magazine; LCT has set up an online survey, which is linked below, and will send out reminder emails to Driving Force readers.

For those taking the survey and including their email address, LEAP will send detailed survey results and provide access to green handbooks, manuals, and white papers on green ground transportation and marketing. Survey sections include: company demographic and fleet information, opinions/views of sustainability, and your current sustainability program.

Founded by both industry veterans and environmental experts, LEAP is a business development consulting firm dedicated to helping executive ground transportation companies meet customer needs with greater sustainability. For more information, visit the LEAP website at: www.leapcars.org. Click here to take the LEAP benchmark survey.

Source: LEAP and Jon LeSage, LCT Magazine

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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