Another Heroic Effort from Greene Classic Limousines

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Posted on March 7, 2007

ATLANTA — Greene Classic Limousines provided free transportation to rescue workers and family members following Friday’s tragic motor coach accident in Atlanta, where four members of a college baseball team died along with the driver and his wife. The team from Mennonite-affiliated Bluffton University was making its annual spring training trip to Florida before daybreak when the charter bus crashed on a highway.

The accident occurred near the Greene Classic Limousines headquarters. Jeff Greene, who also serves as president of the NLA, immediately went to the command center, where he offered transportation free of charge. “We provided close to 50 hours of transportation, which included taking families to and from the hospital, hotel, and morgue,” Greene said.

The charter company was Executive Coach Luxury Travel Inc. of Ottawa, Ohio. The National Transportation Safety Board was called in to investigate. Investigators said there were no skid marks, and they hoped to tap into the bus' computer system for clues. The driver had boarded the bus with his wife less than an hour before the wreck, relieving another driving team, authorities said.

This incident closely follows another heroic effort on the part of the company. A Greene Classic Limousines chauffeur caught a hit and run accident on his SUV’s DriveCam. The victim, 11Alive news anchor Clarence Reynolds, was taken to the hospital, while the chauffeur followed the runaway driver, obtained his license plate number, and called 911.

By the time Reynolds arrived home from the hospital, Chauffeur Manager Jeff Bourchier called him to let him know his chauffeur, Misha, had captured everything on tape.

Congratulations to Jeff Greene and his hard-working staff for rising to the occasion during these two emergency situations. Their trained responses and service to their communities reflects highly on the chauffeured transportation industry.

Sources: Associated Press; Greene Classic Limousines, WXIA-11 Alive, Atlanta

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