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LCT Staff
Posted on March 12, 2008

TORRANCE, Calif. — Have you seen the odd limo photos yet on LCT’s brand new blog, LimoLicious? Or the photos of Exclusive Sedan Service top execs Brandan and Ron Stein surfing? Or the story and photos on high-end luxury cars that might work for your company? LimoLicious features late-breaking news, analysis, speculation, quotes, blurbs, tidbits, photos, links, and feedback. We’d love for you to post your comments and questions right there on the blog.

Go to: http://blogs.lctmag.com/limolicious

You can also go to our website, www.lctmag.com, and find a click-through banner ad, which will take you directly to LimoLicious.

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LCT Staff LCT Staff
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