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Posted on February 10, 2004

Greater California Livery Association
GCLA Announces Board of Directors
The Greater California Livery Association named its 2004 officers and board of directors.
Officers are Rick Brown of La Costa Limousine, president; Nick Chernin of Limousine Management Systems, vice president; Anne Marin of Secure Transportation, treasurer, and Caryn Worcester, executive director and secretary.
Directors are Ron Stein of Exclusive Sedan Service, Guy Ninio of Siilverado Coach, Chris Hundley of Limousine Connection, Robert Partovi of Empire International, Norman Lewis of First Class Limousine Service, Rick Azzolino of Gateway Limousines, Gary Bauer of Bauer Transportation, and Barbara Papp of Don Kott Lincoln-Mercury.
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San Diego Limousine Association
Operators Meet With Congressman
Members of the San Diego Limousine Association recently hosted a meeting with a congressman, U.S. Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA), whose district runs along the California border with Mexico.
Filner, following the meeting, directed his staff to research the issue of San Diego limousine companies not being able to do business across the border into Mexico.
“We will also examine the language pertinent to this issue in the NAFTA [free trade] agreement and other cross-border regulations to see if any restrictions on your business can be relaxed,” Filner wrote to SDLA members.
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Limousine Association of Colorado
LAOC Reaching Out to Hospitality Industry
The LAOC this year is boosting its membership by inviting others in the hospitality and related industries to become members.
Association members have many goals that they share with others and they hope to pool knowledge and resources.
New officers of the Limousine Association of Colorado are Adam Paul of Colorado Corporate Car, treasurer; Marilyn Wright of Colorado Car Service, secretary; Cris Haiskey of Towne and Country Limousine, chairman; Beth Hamilton of Brentwood Limousine, president, and coach; Barbara Williams of Ride On Time Town Car Service, sergeant-at-arms, and Mike Geissler of Colorado Corporate Coach, vice president. E-mail: [email protected]
Association leaders also noted that local operators have many challenges this year: Denver Airport continues to be an issue because drivers are not allowed inside the terminal to greet passengers and help them with luggage.
Association officials noted that operators around the country face identical issues and they invited others to contact them to learn from each others’ experiences.
A deregulation bill is also coming before the state Legislature again this year. Although the industry is already somewhat deregulated, this bill has far-reaching ramifications that the association intends to address.
In addition, leaders noted that they are a statewide association and they pledged to represent and serve the needs of businesses from remote areas or smaller cities.
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Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association
Association Works on Deal with High School
The Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association was working with the area’s largest high school, North Penn High, to provide per-student rates, including tip, for as many as 500 prom goers.
The high school contacted Philip Jagiela, a member of the PRLA board, who put numbers and vehicles together through the association.
The high school will serve as the service broker, backing the reservations for the PRLA members.
The association is hoping this venture will prove successful and lead to deals with other high schools.
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Virginia Limousine Association
Education Department Aids in Prom Safety
The Virginia Limousine Association has been working the state’s Department of Education on making this year’s prom season safe.
The association mailed a Member Prom Pledge and information packets to the 500 operators in the state.
The association will send the Department of Education a list of operators who promised to act safely and not allow any illegal activities during the night.
The department sends the information to all the secondary schools, urging them to use operators who has signed the pledge.
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Illinois Limousine Association
New Policy Adopted for Prom Work
The Illinois Limousine Association adopted a new written policy for special events that involve minors.
The policy prohibits of alcohol and other drugs in the vehicle and requires pre-registration of all passengers. In addition, the limousine company has the right to inspect packages, which must be stored in the trunk; the privacy screen must remain open, and each parent of a registered passenger must provide phone contact. The ILA will identify all complying operators on its Web site and provide to customers upon request.
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Limousine Operators of Western New York
Operators Face Limousine Ban for Teen Events
Limousine Operators of Western New York are facing a limousine ban from some local high schools for the junior prom.
Association President Mike Smith of Affordable Limousine Service, West Seneca, N.Y., said the prom ban has been a problem for a few years. The association has tried to resolve the issue but the ban remains.
“The problem is that the kids book their service in February with a deposit and don’t find out limousines are banned for their junior prom until two weeks before the event,” Smith said. This leaves operators in a tight spot with either refunding the deposit or not.
Smith also noted that there had been no specific incident to provoke the ban.
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