Ontario City Changes Limousine Licensing Fees

LCT Staff
Posted on October 5, 2005

BROCKVILLE, ONTARIO – A Brockville city commission has changed the city’s schedule of fees for taxi and limousine services, which had not been updated since January 2000.

Among the revisions, the annual taxi broker fee will go up from (Canadian) $270 to $300, while taxi and limousine drivers will see their annual license fees rise from $50 to $75. The new inspection fee will see cab or limousine operators charged $50 if police have to inspect their vehicles as a result of a public complaint.

Police will only charge the fee if the complaint is deemed justified. Members of the police board's subcommittee felt the rate increases were justified because of the length of time since the last revision and the staff time required to administer the system.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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