Software Monitors Reservations, Notifies Dispatch

LCT Staff
Posted on November 19, 2003

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — BG Consulting, which developed the Easy Trip limousine management software, has unveiled Early Response, a PC-based software program that monitors reservations and automatically notifies dispatchers if a driver has not properly confirmed an upcoming call.

The software, which runs on a single PC and operates independently from any dispatch or scheduling software, helps operators avoid missing runs, said BG Consulting President Barbara Geller.

The program operates 24 hours a day and can be especially useful in helping to ensure that drivers are on time for early-morning runs.

Drivers use any phone to call, via modem, the computer on which the software is installed entering their unique PIN number and, if desired, the reservation number and pickup time.

The driver must call in during a pre-set check-in interval, such as between one to two hours before the pick-up time.

If the driver does not call in to confirm the run, Early Response can be programmed to call the driver to remind him of the upcoming trip and to call the dispatcher to alert him that the driver has not responded.

The software has a number of features and options that can be configured to meet specific needs, such as the ability to notify three different dispatchers or the same dispatcher at different phone numbers.

BG Consulting is offering an introductory price of $500 for the software, which includes 30-day phone support and continued e-mail support.

Contact BG Consulting at www.earlyresponse.net or (650) 728-3828.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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