Special Rules For Proms

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Posted on May 2, 2007

1. All students must show their prom tickets to the chauffeur before entering the limo. There will be a time fee of $75 to return home for the tickets.

2. The rate you are paying is for point-to-point transportation. If you want to do cruising in the limo, there will be a $50/hour fuel surcharge.

3. You will be told ahead of time how many people will fit in the vehicle. This number cannot be exceeded.

4. Passengers may not smoke cigarettes, chew gum, dip snuff, or consume alcohol or illegal drugs. All backpacks must go in the trunk and are subject to inspection at anytime. Water bottles will be sniffed for the presence of vodka.

5. You are allowed to bring your own CDs, but may not play the music so loud that it damages the system or distracts the chauffeur. You can bring your own boom box if you want to.

6. The chauffeur needs to have the cell phone numbers for the passengers. These people should also have the chauffeur’s cell phone number.

7. The parent’s cell phone numbers should be on the trip sheet. If the passengers get unruly or dangerous, the limo will drop off the passengers at a mall or convenience store and cancel the run without refund. The parents will be called to come collect their children.

8. Limos and buses cannot park by the front door of restaurants or party venues. The vehicle will move to a safe location and wait for a cell phone call to come back for the passengers.

9. Make sure you collect all your belongings at the end of the evening. We are not responsible for lost items.

10. Detailed maps and directions are required for all locations the vehicle is required to visit.

11. Our vehicles may not be driven on dirt roads or soft ground, nor can they be in a situation where they will have to back up.

12. Buses cannot go into neighborhoods with low-hanging tree limbs over the street.

13. Passengers will be responsible for any damage done to the vehicle while rough housing or acting silly. These charges will automatically be put on the parent’s credit card.

14. Passengers will be respectful of the authority of the chauffeur. If the chauffeur feels threatened or is concerned with the safety of the vehicle and/or the other passengers, he has the authority to terminate the run without refund and order everybody out of the vehicle.

15. All passengers should be sure they are ready to depart their homes for the evening. There will be a $75 travel time fee to return home to be sure curling irons are turned off, pets are secure or fed, etc.

16. Passengers should be very aware that some formalwear stores close at 6pm on Friday and may not be open at all on Saturday. It is your responsibility to determine this and get your tux or dress on time. Failure to do so is not sufficient reason to cancel the run.

17. There is a $100 fine for throwing up inside the vehicle.

18. All passengers should visit the restroom before a long ride home. Late at night, “Emergency” bathroom stops can usually only be made at places that are dirty, unsafe, or otherwise undesirable.

19. In summary, all we ask is that you do the right thing, use common sense, be friendly, and act in a responsible manner. Our intent is to help make your prom a memorable and enjoyable event. Please help us make that happen.

Source: Joe Jordan, president of the Houston Limousine Association

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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