Valera Global Offers Drivers Tips on Increasing Gas Mileage

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Posted on June 11, 2008

NEW YORK CITY – With the price of gas soaring to record heights every day, drivers can implement several simple strategies to help increase gas mileage and save money. Driver behavior and vehicle operation, as well as general vehicle maintenance, all have a large effect on fuel efficiency and can be controlled by the driver.

New York-based Valera Global, a premier provider of executive transportation and operator of the nations 14th largest chauffeured fleet, educates their chauffeurs on best driving practices to combat the ever growing issue of high gas prices. Average consumers can implement the same practices as Valera Global to help cut back on gas consumption resulting in lower overall costs.

•Check your speed. Drivers should pay attention to how fast they are going and be sure to drive within the speed limit. The faster the vehicle is going the more gas it burns. A good way to accomplish this is to use cruise control when traffic and weather conditions permit. Another good way to control your speed is to keep your focus on what is going on a few vehicles ahead of you. This will also promote safer driving by giving you more time to react to sudden changes.

•Pay attention to how you start and stop. Drivers should not race their engines or accelerate hard when starting from a stop. Instead of doing this, it is important to wait for a few seconds before moving after the light turns green, and then slowly remove your foot from the brake pedal. This will result in a car with automatic transmission to slowly move without the use of gas. After the car has started to pick up speed on its own, drivers can slowly increase their speed by accelerating smoothly. This will also help avoid an accident with someone running the red light. It is also important for drivers to look ahead and anticipate traffic, try to minimize braking and avoid accelerating to red lights.

•Plan ahead. It is important for drivers to always think ahead and plan every trip they are going to take. This will help drivers cut back on repeating trips to the same destination a few times a day or week.

•Stick to scheduled maintenances. Keeping vehicles in good shape by following scheduled maintenance will also cut back on gas consumption. In addition, removing unnecessary items from vehicles makes the vehicle lighter and the lighter the vehicle, the less gas it uses.

•Check tire pressure regularly. If drivers keep their tires full they will experience less rolling resistance and can improve gas mileage by approximately 3.3%. Properly inflated tires are also safer and last longer.

Robert Mackasek, CEO of Valera Global, stresses the importance of drivers doing everything possible to play a part in gas conservation. “There is no denying that everyone is suffering from high gas prices. What was once considered an average expense has developed into a costly necessity and is changing the way people use their vehicles.” He continues on to explain “with summer upon us people are looking for low cost weekend excursions. They do not want to worry about spending a lot of money on gas when they are already feeling the impact of a distressed economy.”

Following these simple steps will not only save money on gas, but will also help drivers become more sensible on the road while generating less pollution and becoming more considerate of fellow motorists.

Source: Valera Global press release

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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