Lyft Insurance Policy Likely To Cover Fatal Accident

Posted on November 5, 2014
Shane Holland was killed in a car crash last weekend. While more than 30,000 car crashes claim lives in the US every year, this was the first death of a ride-sharing passenger.

CNet article here

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  • Auntie Uber Juan

     | about 6 years ago

    In response to 'see's' cooments below? Excuse me for saying so but, for how long now have so many people companies and gvt @ state county and local levels been sending out warnings about the risks and perils of using TNC's? If the deceased individual was not aware of those warnings, what can I ever tell you now that will make a difference to others? In every company I have worked with, I have sat safety meetings with videos. Can yoyu say that the TNC's do that? I can't. And yet what do we see? Rookie amatuer new guys (and girls) taking to the streets to earn a few bucks. Rookie amatuer new guys who simply put havent had the sort of exposure and experience as seasoned drivers have, like oh, I dunno? Coming around a blind curve in the wee hours of the night to find an upside down car with a driver thrown out the sun roof to his death? A semi that slammed in to a line of stalled cars in a construction zone? Coming off an off ramp in the night as a wrong way driver was coming up? White out in the snow? Toolie fog on RT 99 and 100 vehicle chain reaction crashes? The horror stories go on and on, Class A drivers to learners permitees are all, at risk why last year 2 CHP officers were killed while rushing to an accident. It can happen to every one, and thats the point. Here we have a driver of unkown ability (and experience) putting himself out for hire at bar time, in the rain at speed, with a reported two I-pads on the dashboard as he hustles up his next order an stumbles in to stalled vehicle and the two imovable objects that trees represent, and we in the industry are some how disinterested in the loss of a passengers life when we have been warning every one that will listen when we say this is serious business and not a laizee faire undertaking to meet new people and have meaningful conversations fist bumping? puleeeezzzzzz?

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