NY Taxi Commission Hearing Sums Up TNC Challenges

Posted on October 17, 2014
At a taxi commission hearing on Thursday morning, an executive from Uber got into a revealing exchange with a New York City taxi commissioner over a set of proposed rules that could hinder some of the taxi app's operations in New York City.

Capital New York article here

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  • frederick

     | about 6 years ago

    the debate in this article points to the fact UBER offers nothing new or innovative. the generation before me parked cars around a telephone pole (the stand) and waited for the phone to ring. they responded to Mrs Smith wanting to do her groceries, came back and waited for their turn again. dispatching may be a little quicker now but its still the same process. we have accepted regulation as part of the dynamic of doing business. UBER simply wants to side step that. quite simply, either the rules are lifted for ALL of us or they comply with the same rules we operate under. there is NO further discussion or though necessary to figure this out. UBER has devised a way to split a nickel into 7 cents and keep 3. the comsumer MAY get a break for now. the drivers will not earn more than they do now, they will pay less in stand rent or dispatch services but also gross less. that's a wash. the business of dispatching will be squeezed till it chokes. that will be of no benefit to those becoming unemployed. no benefit to regulators who can't track, monitor or police drivers. the state losses on tax revenues paid by the traditional taxi system. the consumer will eventually loose when all this devolves into a complete free for all ... my mom makes great chicken soup, is it ok for her to deliver it to customers with no regulation. how about someone making hamburgers but they catch stray pets (sick & dying ones also) to use the meat to make the burgers. how do you feel about deregulation under those circumstance?

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