Operators Devise Anti-TNC Billboard Campaign

Tom Halligan
Posted on October 10, 2014
The Greater Orlando Limousine Association launched an innovative anti-TNC billboard campaign in late September that garnered media and political attention, and another unexpected benefit.

The association rented 28 electronic billboards throughout the Orlando area that flashed “Say NO to Uber and Lyft,” listing their lack of safety inspections, driver background checks or commercial vehicle insurance.

“Every 7.5 seconds our message was seen on 28 billboards which adds up to about 15,000 impressions a day,” said GOLA President Cliff Wright (Royal Transportation, Orlando). The billboards have generated media coverage on the issue and also local politicians noticed the messaging which helped the association schedule another meeting with the city on illegal TNCs, noted Wright.

“Another unexpected benefit of the billboards came in new membership from operators who saw the billboards and joined GOLA,” he added.

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  • Jan van Eck

     | about 6 years ago

    Although Uber has serious flaws, the truth is it arouses the ire of the established limo operators because it is a new entrant, and viewed as poaching "their" customers. But let's take a look at the current taxi scene - where the real competition is, as Uber is an instant-need fulfiller, not a book-ahead service. The typical taxi driver looks like a bum, unwashed, unshaven, and of dubious provenance. The driver does not get out to open the truck and help with baggage - he pops the button and you are on your own, even struggling with an infant and stroller. You get in and are confronted with a solid Lexan partition, on the premise that you the passenger are a robber carrying a gun, There are no seat belts, or if there are, they are unworkable. The driver then proceeds to careen around the streets as if he were driving in Beirut - and he likely is a recent migrant from Beirut. The car is filthy, reeks, the driver is smoking, and is riddled with dents from previous collisions. You get out and have to struggle with your own baggage - again. If you don't hand over a "sufficient" tip - as determined by the driver - he will tromp the throttle with your hand still on the door as punishment. Meanwhile the cab itself is uninsured and probably has 200,000 miles on it. And you pay his prices - set by the Commission, a throwback to the Mob. Now the Uber driver shows up in contrast. He may not have a CDL but at least is not driving like someone from Tehran. The car is actually clean and not banged from a dozen crashes. The seatbelts are there and work. He might not be insured - but then again, the taxi outfit with the self-insurance is for the out-of-town passenger as a practical matter also not insured. And he is going to help you with your luggage! All for less than half the cabbie. Do you see the real issues?

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