Uber Trying To Replicate Taxi, Black Car Base Models

Posted on October 6, 2014

Uber has pegged itself as a service that is good for both riders and drivers. That’s a sentiment the company continues to echo even after it announced the discounted fare prices that the company introduced as a summer promotion in New York City and San Francisco — which aim to make UberX rides cheaper than a taxi — permanent all year-round: Uber provides the best economic opportunity for drivers. article and video here

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  • frederick

     | about 6 years ago

    I have said it before ... this romantic notion of UBER using technology to lead us into a glorious future of plenty for all .. is crap. they are simply a bunch of tech nerds who figured out how to split a nickel into 7 parts and keep 3 for themselves. the looser in this will be the drivers who get suckered in. but they will only figure it out 3 years down the road, after the bandits run off with the proceeds of the IPO.

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