Lincoln Plans New Luxury Sedan Before 2020

Posted on September 29, 2014

DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford Motor Company on Sept. 29 outlined its 2020 vision, which includes plans to substantially increase its global vehicle sales and automotive operating margin, and achieve more balanced geographic profitability.

By 2020, Ford projects annual global sales to increase 45% to 55% to about 9.4 million units. Its automotive operating margin is projected to improve to about 8% during the same period, with a long-term target of 8% to 9%.

[From LCT (bold emphasis added): Buried deep in the Official Ford press release here, is this paragraph of interest to the limousine industry: "Most of Lincoln’s growth will come from China, where the brand debuts this year with the MKZ sedan and new MKC luxury utility vehicle. The MKZ and MKC are the first of four new vehicles Lincoln plans to introduce globally by the end of 2016. The MKX midsize crossover will launch next year, and an all-new full-size sedan will follow soon after. Additionally, Lincoln plans to add two new entries to its lineup by 2020, offering customers a wider range of luxury options.

Detroit News article here

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  • Jeff

     | about 6 years ago

    Im still trying to hold back the laughter , what's so funny is lincoln is on the track of getting back, they shook things up with caddy because of the internal hush, so caddy decided well were going to bring out a full size sedan anounce it early so with Lincoln already bringing the new models out including a full size ,as per always for the last 40 plus years i can remember Lincoln down sized caddy followed suit but they held on for dear life because the new down sized caddys were garbage, lol what they held onto was the full size broagham, Lincoln was never afraid to change out... But now gm is rushing in panic to bring this new over priced large flag ship out that will be thrown together and will more than likely be the flop of the bathtub look of all 5 then car lines . You couldnt tell the buick from the chevy or olds, caddy,.almost forgot the pontiac , now its only chevy buick an caddy, the new impala is the same as the xts lol. And they coplain about lincoln, ford,....The Now the lincoln mkt livery can stretch out to a 120" and frame with caddy stuck in funeral land as only a72" strectch, lol. Its gonna take one hell of a car from any company to fill the tires(shoes) of the lincoln town car the mass quanity of lincoln limos will always out do any, this brand has made more history good and bad than any other ever will.. I don't and never will consider a toyota or hyundia, or kia as a limo in my fleet. my clients love the room of the lincoln and I will run them untill the day Lincoln has the new ones in my drive, my lincolns have miles run great and look new never had a better fleet of cars,. You keep making them Ill keep buying them ...I dont care if toyota etc. is made in the Us they will not be in my fleet.. And im not sorry i'll wait....

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