RESIST! Pushback Grows Against Uber And TNCs

Posted on September 19, 2014

Transportation Networking Companies may be growing and getting in government faces, but they've met the resistance of advocates for regulatory fairness. TNCs seem to have a choice: Play by the rules that apply to everyone, or join to change the rules (de-regulate) for everyone.

Herewith the latest news stories proving that in America, taking care of business means duking it out:

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  • gustavo Chacon

     | about 6 years ago

    In Miami We never had Fairness. The rules where Created by The Taxi Owners and 4 to One ratio of Taxis Against Limos =2231 to 626 , and the PMC moratorium since 1998,Fair is Aventura got 24 Permits ,Carey got 55, Associates Family 22,Yellow airport Limo20 in 2002 . In this Count Only 121 Illegal permits , but many where not advise of this Free for Them and Now demand a Level Playing Field . They Where Just as Illegal as Uber and Lyft

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