Taxi Group Seeks To Stop Uber, Lyft In New Mexico

Posted on September 19, 2014

A group of taxi and limousine operators has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) from operating in New Mexico.

Associated Press article via ABCNews here

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  • Michael

     | about 6 years ago

    Over and over we read that taxis seek to limit competition. There is such a millennial uproar, as if it is the cause of a generation, to put its stamp on something whether it is completely thought out or not. Taxis, I must be frank, need to be protected against competition. They have a community purpose which has to be protected because it has so many restrictions as to what it can do and cannot do, that any competitor without these restrictions would damage the industry, even possibly destroying it. Let me explain why taxis are a public service, Taxis are being mandated in numerous cities to have wheel chair accessible vehicles, driving up their cost and maintenance. Wheel chair vehicles are definitely not as glamorous as shiny black sedans. Taxis not only take credit cards but also cash, Uber will only take credit cards on file, which guarantees the safety of the driver and the hassle free experience of the passenger. But is not public service; this is a well to do service for the elite of our society. In many municipalities’ taxis are being required to be hybrid vehicles, in order to keep the environment from destroying us all. A hybrid car is generally less roomy than the black sedan or SUV, which Uber is now promoting, creating pollution. Having alternative transportation choices is wonderful, but not at the expense of a public service that cannot compete because of different rules on the same playing field, taxis need to be protected.

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