Scott Solombrino Talks Technology On Comcast TV Program

Posted on August 13, 2014

Scott Solombrino, longtime National Limousine Association (NLA) board director, CEO of Dav El/Boston Coach Chauffeured Transportation Network, and President of the Allied Leadership Council of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), recently sat down with Peter Howe of Comcast Business’ CEO Corner broadcast to share his views on how Uber has changed the limousine industry and what it means for the future.

He talks about how the chauffeured transportation industry was caught off guard by the advanced technological abilities of Uber, and admits that the industry at first failed to recognize how important mobile applications would become to business travel.

Conceding that traditional limo businesses got a late jump on mobile booking technology, he says that now that they’ve fully grasped its necessity, they are rapidly catching up.

“Uber was a phenomenal idea and phenomenal concept put together by some very smart guys in Silicon Valley,” Solombrino says in the video. “They’ve had huge market penetration, and they’ve actually changed and shifted the paradigm of how people use chauffeured cars. It’s been good for business.”

But he says what Uber has not done, is provide the required “duty of care” that is necessary for business travel. Bringing up his recent attendance at the GBTA Conference in Los Angeles earlier this month, he describes how traditional limo operations, with their firm adherence to strict regulations, can provide business travelers with the safety and accountability that Uber has yet to match.

He says that the industry has learned from the advanced technological booking features of Uber, but that because the TNC operates outside of standing regulations and rules, it is not providing the same level of service of traditional, compliant limo operations.

Solombrino projects that chauffeured transportation companies have had to morph themselves into tech companies, and that going forward you’re going to see much more development in the technological side of the industry so that limo operators do not miss out on another trend.

You can watch the full interview below.

Link to the Comcast Interview on New England Cable News, www.necom.com.

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  • Auntie Uber Juan

     | about 6 years ago

    Chuck Cotton makes a fair point, and Mr Kim at san Francisco's DeSoto Cab has already publickly said several times in print and on CNBC, that if gvt is not going to impose regulation on the TNC's and their drivers, then Desoto will 'dergulate' in oder to compete failry in the marketplace. If San Francisco wants that? To see all that revenue evaporate by deregulating commercial for hire livery they way they have allowed both Uber and Lyft to operate? Thats their choice and the rest of the taxpaying business would have every right to follow suit from gas stations, restaurants, food stores, barber shops and salons, mom and pops, you name it? Government set standards for commercail for hire livery, not the other way around, and gvt has set a double standard that it cannot reverse so long as it allows the whole sale and deliberate evasion of the regulations, rules, and laws governing commercial for hire livery by the TNC's and thier drivers, while at the same time expecting every one else to comport their operations to the hsitoric standards not the least of which is taxation.

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