First Time Rider Learns The Hard Way About Saying No To Uber

Posted on August 12, 2014
I finally capitulated to the peer-pressure to try Uber.

Uber Just Say No article here

Source: David J. Danto, principal consultant with Dimension Data and director of emerging technology with the Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance

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  • kelvin

     | about 6 years ago

    I think this incident could have happened to any service. It is not so much "just say no to uber" but learn how to use a proper car service. If you had a mission critical meeting you should have booked a proper car service that would have had the car waiting outside 15 minutes prior to you needing to leave. This is more of a lesson in planning and how the "on-demand" culture has created unreasonable expectations everywhere as people from New York expect to visit much smaller cities (or even villages) and expect magical cars and taxis to be floating around everywhere driven by teleporting chauffeurs. Taxi style service has its place, TNCs have their place, and real car service has it's place. Learn how to use each in the appropriate context and you will be fine.

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