Houston City Council Passes Uber, Lyft Ordinance

Posted on August 8, 2014
The Houston City Council took almost five hours to deliberate on all the different amendments and stipulations surrounding the transportation companies, which have been operating in Houston illegally despite the fact the city demanded they shut down until it could figure out how to handle them.

Houston Business Journal article here

Houston Chronicle article here

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  • Houston Wave

     | about 6 years ago

    To my knowledge, the City sent us our first stakeholder meeting request in late January, which would make this a 6 month issue as far as we knew. If Uber/Lyft started making plans and requests from the City of Houston an additional 10 months prior to that, we, the stakeholders, were not privy. There is so much more to the whole debate then "Taxi monopolies don't want competition". It has been an interesting several months. We look forward to continued education about Houston's transportation alternatives. You may contact us if you would like additional information [email protected] 713.863.9283

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