Philadelphia Police Sting Operation Targets Airport TNCs

Tom Halligan
Posted on July 11, 2014

ESSINGTON, Penn. — The “sting” is on as Philadelphia City police and parking authority officials have been conducting periodic enforcement initiatives targeting illegal Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) at the Philadelphia International Airport.

During Wednesday night’s Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association meeting, Michael Barreto of Flyte Tyme Worldwide Transportation, updated members on recent activity regarding the PRLA’s continued involvement to ensure that TNCs and illegal operators play by the rules. In fact, during a May through June sting, almost $5,000 in fines were issued to illegal TNCs for various violations and one vehicle was impounded.

Barreto said most of the fines were issued to TNCs waiting for business at cell phone lots, which are off limits to commercial vehicles. “The problem is that parking violations are recorded and collected only by the Department of Aviation, so the Uber and Lyft drivers don’t have to worry about the fines being recorded by the city motor vehicles department,” Barreto said.

However, that policy is changing and the police will issue summary offenses that will be processed by the city. “Now, any parking tickets issued will have more teeth because they will be recorded by the city motor vehicles department — and if they go unpaid, the cars will get the ‘boot’ or impounded,” Barreto added.

Being a heavily congested major airport, Barreto is realistic and said the stings will not stop TNCs. However, the city is beginning to realize that it is losing revenue because TNCs are not parking in short-term parking lots that legitimate chauffeurs often use to wait for clients, he added. "They know g they are missing out on revenue, so that’s another incentive to enforce the rules.”

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  • gus chacon

     | about 6 years ago

    In MIA Airport the Pmc Contractor Doesn't have License ,Inspections or Drivers Hack for the past 10 years and the Antique Limos Never and the Regulators Have Been " Turning a Blind Eye" But they had a sting against Uber & Lyft because they interfere with the Existing Taxi Monopoly not from Italy.

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