Top Aides To Charlie Horky Plead Guilty In Racketeering Case

Posted on July 8, 2014

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Top aides to limousine company operator Charles Horky pleaded guilty in Las Vegas Monday in a multimillion-dollar racketeering conspiracy involving fraud, prostitution and drug trafficking.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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  • Jessie

     | about 6 years ago

    Anthony, you clearly don't know what was going on except from some limited view. 1st, he didn't sell LA - he took on investors for LA, NY, Aspen, and SF - he was supposed to grow the company with the investors money (Bison Capital and Empire Limo) But it was a scam. He never intended to go through with the investment plan, he reneged and lost the companies to the investors, which was the plan, so he could avoid paying Taxes vs by an outright sale which would have cost him millions in Taxes, which he avoided. He purposely screwed the investors with an intricate plan with Leon and Paul Finch setting it up. He also was over billing clients in every city again with Leon, Paul Ron and others running the receivables and payroll in a way to make it work. The overbilling was in the millions, FBI didn't ever figure that out. It was run through LA and NY primaraly, Bison and Empire knew it and didn't fix it or pay anyone back. They just hoped it would go away, and they were right. He skimmed cash everywhere but especially Vegas. He caught Kim Flores years ago scamming Credit Cards then used her to do it for himself. The truth is the FBI didn't scrape the surface for what he's done over 20 years. He even paid his sister in law 10 grand to have sex with Tuff Hedeman and Ty Murray - at least once. She needed the money but would have done it anyway. They used to do blow together 25 years ago before he even met his ex wife. No one in LA could care less if he "tried" to open a company again. If you think his success was due to him, you are mistaken, he had employee's keeping his company's reputation together in spite of him. He constantly was shooting his own foot. If you heard stories of his screw ups with Shwartzenegger, Elton John, Eagles, Paula Abdul just to name a few.....One of the best stories is him buying and doing cocaine with the Eagles with a 1911 .45 in a shoulder rig, sitting around partying with them all night. Don Henley finally realized it wa

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