Uber To America: We're Gonna Give You Some Attitude

Posted on June 6, 2014

Here is LCT's weekly story list about all-things TNC. The common theme: TNCs are trying to do what they want.

TNCs STICKIN' IT TO THE COMMONWEALTH: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles made its feelings about ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft very clear yesterday, telling them in no uncertain terms to cease operations in the state until they obtain the proper permits. But both companies say they are doing nothing wrong and will keep on picking up (and presumably dropping off) passengers. article here

NO DROPPING OFF AT UBER HQ: With its new double office strategy, Uber has apparently hit on the perfect ruse. A decoy base on San Francisco’s crookedest street, in darkest Potrero, where drivers can show up and yell and bitch to their hearts’ content (pity the poor Uber staffer relegated to man that travisforsaken outpost). And Uber’s real HQ, where Kalanick can go about his business, secure in the knowledge that he and his crisp blue suit are far from the grubby hands of the drivers who have made him rich. article here

DON'T GIVE US NO DISABLED: The latest headache for Uber and Lyft comes in the form of a lawsuit that charges the companies illegally deny access to disabled consumers who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices. article here

HEY, LITTLE PASSENGER, WANT SOME CANDY? Getting a ride wherever and whenever you need it thanks to apps like Uber sounds like a great idea -- and it is, except for the fact that millions of Americans are being driven around by strangers.So how do you know your driver is legit? article and video here

TRUST TRAVIS: WHY OWN A CAR?  Could the days of car payments, parking permits, garages, and overall personal vehicle ownership be coming to an end? Such was the prediction of Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of the ride sharing service Uber, made at a recent technology conference in California. article here

LYFT GETS LOVEY-DOVEY WITH NY REGULATORS: While Lyft tries to figure out a way in, Uber is gaining significant traction with New Yorkers. Lyft has a tougher time because its service is considerably different from the activity the TLC is used to regulating. For all the hype, Uber in New York is basically a black-car service with a tech twist. Bloomberg/BusinessWeek article here

CITATIONS C'EST LA VIE: Houston City Councilman Mike Laster said Wednesday that 160 citations have been issued to the companies for operating illegally, 142 to Uber and 18 to Lyft; none has gone to court, he said. "That just goes to show you these operators are operating illegally," Laster said. "Either we have ordinances that we enforce or we don't, and I think that's part of the discussion." article here

-- Compiled by Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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