New Jersey Operators Grapple With TNCs

Posted on June 4, 2014

NEW JERSEY—TNCs have set up shop in the Garden State but LANJ is urging state agencies to expand existing laws and regulations to include TNCs. Read full story.

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  • Jack Bogwald

     | about 6 years ago

    Ladies and gentleman, Listen carefully please. UBER is not the enemy here, the enemy for me has been the NYC TLC. And part of that I blame the NJ companies who have caved to the NYC TLC by paying the extort fees to operate in NYC. 20 years operating as a 2 car operator I have developed relationships with both NY based and NJ based companies. Looking over my shoulders for the roque plain clothes TLC pirate to pop up and impound my car has not been fun. I am now able to purchase, this fee / sticker (not happy) because of UBER as my NYC base . Don't have a choice, or do we.? No one challenges them at all !! NYC TLC is as close to a small communist ruling agency as I have seen in this country. Licensed AND insured properly in NJ it makes 0 sense why a City agency should demand or rule that I have to pay annual fees/tax to operate in the 5 boroughs. There jurisdiction should be NYC state licensed and registered companies only!!!!! It's long overdue!!!! Let's look a little closer ... Have you ever been to the Long Island City TLC offices? It's an agency out of control. Have you ever had your car impounded? I have ! Try to get it back, you will but it is an unnessacery process not to mention costly, who is on the take here. Maybe the towing companies? Ya think. The car they impound and drive to the yards in Brooklyn, they will tell you they only drive away in your car and take it to a staging area Depending on where in the city you are, thei East or WESTSIDE. BS! TOW FEE ? Anywho, this was about UBER, I support, work and welcome them. The only problem I have and it is a concern is there UBER X program. Everyone needs to be properly licensed an insured as a livery/limo company in the state they operate in.

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