Taxi Industry Upset Over Prospect Of Driverless Vehicles

Posted on May 30, 2014

First, Google unveils a driverless car. Then, Uber chief Travis Kalanick says driverless cars are the future and drivers are not. How do you think leaders of the taxi industry feel about this?

Venture Beat article here

Background: Washington Post update on driverless cars here

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  • Hugh

     | about 6 years ago

    You know that Google's vision is not doing for what it say's it's doing today, but for what's it's planning for 1 to 20 years from now and what they are doing today, very few people are really paying attention to what their bigger picture is, which is a very BIG mistake. Because EVERY TAXI/LIVERY COMPANY / OPERATOR OF A FOR HIRE VEHICLE (big or small) SHOULD BE VERY WORRIED, because in a very short time, we all will have no jobs in these industries (or at least very few) if they have their way now.

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