Kansas City Regulators Declare Lyft Service Illegal

Posted on April 30, 2014

Kansas City’s pink mustache patrol is rolling, ready to issue citations to drivers of the Lyft ride sharing service that launched here Thursday.

Kansas City Star article here

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  • Cabs in KC are ATROCIOUS!

     | about 7 years ago

    The really REALLY SAD thing? Cab drivers in this town are amongst the cities WORST DRIVERS. I have even been a victim of a HIT AND RUN cab who even after police investigated and found him at FAULT continued to be employed by KCTG/YELLOW cab! To THIS VERY DAY, They have not offered to pay for the damages or even gave me so much as an APOLOGY for the damages and problems their driver caused! I have witnessed cabs running red lights, smashing into other peoples cars and driving off as well. Yes, WITNESSED IT. I have seen them refuse to take passengers and drive off! (trip was “too short”). Taxi’s have become a CANCER upon our fine city. Have you ridden in a cab lately? They often STINK, and the drivers have attitudes you would not believe! They are RUDE and most of them really do need a shower and a refresher course in hygiene, not to even mention driving practices! I suggest you find a neutral area where no one knows who you are and call in a cab without announcing your real name Mr. Mayor. Take one of these eye (watering) opening drives with one of the city’s finest scum bags. Better yet, take a cab multiple times with multiple drivers just for good measure. All without announcing who you are. This will ENSURE that Yellow (or any of the other companies) cab will TRULY send you their “very best”. This service from Lyft truly has a chance at helping CLEAN up the NASTY IMAGE the cab drivers have given Kansas City. As a Tourism Ambassador for this great city, the NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT I have ALWAYS heard was how “bad/Nasty/smelly/DIRTY/ UNSANITARY/poor/untimely” the cab services are! I have tried lift in other cities and found the drivers to be SAFE, FRIENDLY and Courteous, and the cars to be CLEAN and ODOR FREE! What a JOY it was to experience something like that for the first time! A trip that usually took around 2 hours on average (wait time for the cab to get there included) only took me 45 minutes! Oh, and it costs me LESS than HALF as much! KC NEEDS a new ser

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