Uber New York GM Gets Into Twitter Skirmish With Taxi Rider

Posted on April 16, 2014

Uber’s New York general manager, Josh Mohrer, drew the ire of the Twitterati late Monday night with a textbook example of how not to conduct customer service in a public forum.

To wit: Erin McCann, a news editor at the Guardian, hailed a green Boro Taxi in Brooklyn. Soon after stepping in, she claimed she was kicked out by the cabby, who said he was moonlighting for Uber and presumably had another customer to pick up. McCann was, understandably, not pleased, and she took to Twitter to express her frustration:

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  • stewart

     | about 5 years ago

    Is it any wonder that the cab driver who is alleged to have done this did it when his/her cab driving job is subject to labor standards that the uber customer generating driver score does not? Fearing he/she would potentialy be dropped by Uber as was described in the Seattle area this week when disgruntled uber drivers held a meeting (covered by the press there) spoke of how they were not afforded an opportunity to rebut the rating system scores that cost them their ability to work, albeit illegally.

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