Cities Nationwide Wrestle With App-Based Ride Services

Posted on March 28, 2014

A handful of cities, such as New Orleans, Portland and Miami, have banned the upstarts entirely. But around the country, industry leaders Uber and Lyft are expanding as quickly as they can, with regulators trying to play catch-up. Here’s a rundown from local media of the latest regulatory developments in various cities:

KQED News/San Francisco city-by-city summaries here

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     | about 6 years ago

    UBER and other RIDE SHARE COMPANIES are ILLEGAL RIDE SHARE OPERATORS Because they are doing it for PROFIT. RIDE SHARE PROGRAMS were designed mainly for non professional / commerical people travelling in the same direction, from home to work and return, by another non professional / commerical drivers that was going the same direction. UBER and other RIDE SHARE COMPANIES are providing these services by professional / commerical drivers and using non commerical vehicles for FOR-HIRE purposes, which is a called a TAXI SERVICE and NOT a RIDE SHARE PROGRAM

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