GPS Tracking Can Protect Your Profits While Busting Moonlighters

Posted on July 12, 2010

Chauffeurs doing side jobs while waiting for clients eat into your maintenance and operating costs, not to mention risking your safety record.

Moonlighting is the giant elephant in the room of every business that generates revenue from a fleet of service vehicles. It's a systemic problem that drains company profits daily. Talk to any company with a service fleet and they'll tell you it's not so much a question of "if moonlighting exists in their company," but rather, "how often is happening?" And that's literally the million-dollar question because moonlighting and side jobs annually drain millions of dollars of revenue from companies nationwide.

Lack of accountability

So how much revenue are you losing with your fleet? Without using GPS tracking on your vehicles, there's really no easy or definitive answer. Chauffeurs are essentially free to run their routes as they wish. And as long as they are completing their assigned jobs, they are just as free to do what they want in between. It really comes down to a lack of accountability. Without tracking, there is no true sense of accountability with chauffeurs. Sure, they're responsible for completing assigned jobs, but how do you know if they're doing work under the table on your time and with your resources? The simple answer is you don't.

Major barrier to profits

From livery to plumbing to construction, moonlighting affects every service industry and is a major barrier to a fleet operating at maximum profitability. A chauffeur assigned to take a group of clients to and from a concert has about a four or five-hour window to take any side jobs he can as long as he's back in time to pick up the clients when the concert's over. Tow truck drivers can make an assigned run and then easily grab a side tow on the way back for cash without dispatch ever knowing. Pest control drivers can finish servicing an account and then pick up lucrative cash jobs at any the surrounding houses in the neighborhood. It doesn't take long to see how quickly or how deeply this issue affects fleet owners.

The real cost of moonlighting

The real cost of moonlighting is much higher than just the lost revenue of the side jobs themselves. When drivers are using vehicles without permission, they're not only increasing your company's fuel usage, but they're adding to the maintenance needs of the fleet as well. Together, these two "hidden" costs can quickly bleed profits from companies large and small. In addition to gas and maintenance, moonlighting also drains a company's assets as well, including parts, tools, equipment and resources such as pesticides or Freon. Another potential risk to moonlighting is the increased liability that comes if a driver has an accident while doing a side job.

GPS tracking eliminates side jobs

The good news is that there's an easy solution. Enterprise GPS tracking will enable you to put an immediate end to moonlighting. It provides you with real-time, 24/7 tracking of your resources so you always know exactly where your vehicles are and what your drivers are up to. Indeed, with the advanced tracking features of Enteprise GPS, you'll know when your vehicles reach a job site, when they leave, and how long it took to complete the job. Best of all, once drivers know they are being tracked, they become more productive, more responsible, and more accountable.

So if you're ready to eliminate moonlighting for good, call us today and let Enterprise GPS put you back in control of your fleet. Our real-time, 24/7 GPS tracking solution is an online application that allows fleet managers to track, monitor and improve their fleet's efficiency, productivity and profitability.

More information: ENTERPRISEGPS.COM; (888) 400-4771.

Source: Enterprise GPS

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