Ownersite.com Upgrades Online Maintenance Tracking For Easier Use

Posted on June 30, 2010

Ownersite introduces some operational efficiencies for fleets and better functions for consumers. It also celebrates the 100 million mile mark for stored maintenance and fuel records.

ROSWELL, GA - Ownersite Technologies, a developer of asset management software for vehicle and home owners, today introduced greater functionality for its steadily increasing small and medium-sized fleet customer base, including limousine and chartered fleet operators, ambulance and EMS providers, computer and network assistance providers, home theater and automation companies, and landscaping and HVAC companies.

"Ownersite is beginning its tenth year of offering a comprehensive web-based vehicle maintenance management solution to consumers and fleets," said Steven Eppinger, president and CEO of Ownersite Technologies. "Over the years, we have helped our customers log more than 100 million miles worth of maintenance and fuel records. We have been working tirelessly to develop our most comprehensive product enhancements to date to answer specific challenges that our customers face."

Ownersite focused on features that would enhance safety, reliability, and value, Eppinger said. "In particular, our fleet customers have been hit with some critical challenges due to the recessionary environment, including volatile fuel prices, increased costs, and residual values on used vehicles," he said. "They are looking for ways to keep the vehicles in service for a longer time to contain costs associated with vehicle replacement."

The new features will help fleet companies handle these pressures by offering a more concise way to track vehicle maintenance and costs, Eppinger said.

New features for fleet users

  • Multiple users: As one of the most frequently requested features, Ownersite now includes multi-user capabilities, which will enable administrators to create groups with specific product access rights and assign users to specific vehicles.
  • Work orders: Fleet users now have a tool to create work orders, which improves their workflow and helps track revenue and costs.
  • Preventive maintenance schedules: The PM Schedule feature allows users to group services along with their frequencies and assign them to vehicles rather than entering each service individually, one vehicle at a time. This helps reduce time and costs.

New features and enhancements for all users

  • Accident manager: Although the professionals behind Ownersite hope users never have to take advantage of this feature, it provides a centralized place to record accident details, including photos, files, notes and driver information when necessary.
  • Improved data imports: The performance of the fuel record import has been improved and a maintenance record import, payment record import, and trip log import have been added. This will make it much easier to import data that is already maintained in other applications or spreadsheets.
  • List management: For areas where users can add their own entries to the drop-down lists, such as maintenance types, service reminder types and parts and accessories, those entries can now be edited and removed. Users also have the option of adding custom payment types. 

Many of these new features are in beta mode with many of them coming online in full production in the near term. This public beta can be accessed with the user's existing email address and password at http://beta.ownersite.com

Although Ownersite enjoys a more than 80% subscription renewal rate, customers do not renew from time-to-time, so the company is extending an offer to try this beta version for 30 days to experience these exciting improvements.

Source: Ownersite Technologies

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