3 Crucial Ways GPS Tracking Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Posted on June 15, 2010

How much money is your company flushing away on excessive fuel usage? Knowing that answer is critical to saving money and sparing vehicles.

Unfortunately, it's a question most livery business owners can't answer definitively...or even worse, one they simply don't want to address at all. But the reality is chauffeurs nationwide are wasting gas daily, and it's cutting into the profits of companies of all sizes.

Traditionally, bad driving habits are hard to break. With GPS tracking, however, you not only can monitor poor driving behaviors, but you can correct them almost immediately. As a result, you're profits will increase just as fast.

Below are three critical ways Enterprise GPS tracking solutions can lower your fuel costs and put you back on course to becoming a more efficient and profitable company.

1. Stop excessive idling: According to the California Energy Commission, idling burns about a half-mile's worth of gas every minute. When you realize how many minutes or sometimes hours your drivers are sitting there idling in your vehicles, you realize that this is one of the biggest factors in wasting fuel.

Enterprise GPS allows you know exactly when and for how long your drivers are idling throughout their routes. You can monitor it live, review daily idling reports, and even have excessive idling alerts notify you when a driver has exceeded a limit you specify. Once drivers are aware that you are monitoring this aspect of their driving, they correct the problem almost instantly.

2. Reduce speeding: Simply put, the faster your drivers go, the more fuel they use. By simply lowering driver speeds, you can save 14% on monthly fuel costs. But driving 75 mph instead of 65 can reduce your fuel economy by nearly 5 miles per gallon. Left unmonitored, drivers will push your vehicles as far and as fast as they can with little regard to fuel consumption or maintenance impact. But GPS tracking solves that.

Enterprise GPS tracking solutions allow you to monitor vehicle speeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with Internet access. It's quick, simple, and easy to use, and it will enable you to educate, encourage. and reward drivers who adhere to good driving standards.

3. Cut down excessive acceleration and deceleration: Aggressive driving is one of the costliest issues facing the livery industry today. It not only consumes 20% more fuel, but it significantly increases the service and repair needs of your fleet, raises the risk of accidents, and is even responsible for producing excess emissions. And like speeding or idling, excessive acceleration and deceleration are bad driving habits that will continue to eat away at your profits on every single job if left unmonitored. The good news is that these behaviors are easy to correct.

With Enterprise GPS, you can track drivers speeds, acceleration and deceleration and put them back on track to correcting any poor driving habits. This not only results in lower fuel usage, but in safer driving, fewer customer complaints and lower maintenance costs.

About Enterprise GPS: A provider of advanced GPS tracking products and services. The company's real-time, 24/7 gps tracking solution is an online application that allows fleet managers to track, monitor and improve their fleet's efficiency, productivity and profitability. Information: EnterpriseGPS.com; (888) 400-4771.

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