7 Ways GPS Can Help You Improve Safety And Cut Risks

Posted on June 9, 2010

Enterprise GPS tracking systems can help fleet owners hone in on driver skills to reduce accidents and smooth out on the road skills.

By Enterprise GPS

TUSTIN, Calif. - GPS tracking is one of the most powerful tools currently available for fleet owners and managers. It quickly improves driver productivity. It makes companies considerably more efficient and more profitable. And it noticeably reduces fuel costs as well. But one of the biggest effects it has on an organization is the role it plays in improving driver safety and reducing a company's risk of liability damages.

Indeed, one of the most significant expenses in running a business today is the high cost of insuring and maintaining a fleet of vehicles. Liability claims from careless driving can quickly cut into the profits of any organization large or small. And while you can't eliminate liability risk entirely, arming your fleet with the advanced tracking solutions of Enterprise GPS will allow you to dramatically reduce it quickly, easily, and economically.

Enterprise GPS tracking allows you to:

1) Change driver behavior

Traditionally, bad driving habits are hard to break. But with GPS tracking, you not only can monitor poor driving behaviors, you can correct them almost immediately. Drivers tend to be careless. It's simply the nature of the business. But poor driving habits really are a matter of awareness. The bottom line is that when drivers know they are being tracked, they modify their behavior almost immediately, which reduces accidents, tickets, and careless wear and tear on your vehicles.

2) Reduce speeding

Speeding is one of the biggest profit drains on your organization. Left unchecked, it will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month. When drivers speed, they're not only rapidly escalating fuel costs, they're also risking an increase in speeding tickets, accidents and your insurance rates as well. Enterprise GPS has advanced Speeding Alerts and Report features that will instantly notify you when your drivers are going over set speed limits. When drivers know their speed is being monitored, speeding is dramatically reduced or eliminated all together.

3) Decrease excessive acceleration and deceleration

Excessive acceleration and deceleration are the clear indicators of aggressive and careless driving respectively. While egregious acceleration is a sign of aggressive driving, rapid deceleration is a red flag careless driving and not watching the road ahead. Left unchecked, both will increase risk and lead to higher accident rates for your drivers.

In fact, most accidents are caused by rear-end collisions which are direct results of not watching the road ahead. GPS tracking of acceleration and deceleration events will alert you to drivers who routinely display these poor driving techniques. This will allow you to train them and instill better, safer driving habits before accidents occur. It will also reduce fuel consumption and lower your vehicle maintenance costs as well.

4) Facilitate stolen vehicle recovery

Enterprise GPS Fleet Advantage gives you dependable 24/7/365 real-time tracking so you'll never again have to worry about where your vehicles are located. If a vehicle is stolen, our GPS tracking provides the fastest possible recovery by the police because you can give them the exact location of the vehicle. This eliminates severe financial loss in vehicle cost and downtime, and it will also help lower the cost to insure your vehicle as well.

In fact, Enterprise GPS proudly boasts a perfect track record in helping clients recover their stolen vehicles. As soon as you realize your vehicle is taken, you not only get an exact location of where it is, but you will continually be able to track it if it continues to move. You can also get a complete and detailed history of where it's been from the time the vehicle was taken.

5) Reduce accidents

You can never predict accidents, but the simple fact is that drivers with GPS tracking have lower accident rates than drivers that aren't being tracked. That's because employees being tracked drive safer and more responsibly. As a result, it reduces their chances for getting in accidents and limits the business owner's risk of associated claims that can drastically cut into company profits.

6) Reduce worker comp and collision claims

Any driver who gets in an accident while driving your car can be eligible for worker's compensation. These claims can be crippling to an organization regardless of size. The best way to prevent these collision claims is installing GPS tracking on your vehicles. As previously stated, drivers with GPS tracking become more responsible and are less likely to be involved in accidents which ultimately reduces your liability risk. It's a sound preventative approach that will save you money in the short term and protect your business in the long term.

In the actual event of a collision claim against your company, a detailed GPS tracking history can be used to absolve your driver and/or your company from any liability. Our in-depth reports can confirm the exact location of a vehicle for up to 90 days to prove it was not possibly involved in the collision. Conversely, if one of your drivers is involved in an accident due to reckless or careless driving, our reports can help discern the actual facts leading up to the accident to help remove the company's liability.

7) Vehicle maintenance schedule and history

The heavy workload of fleet vehicles adds significant risk to their accident rate and their chance of breaking down. The biggest way to alleviate this increased risk is to conduct proper maintenance on each vehicle. Enterprise GPS allows you to automatically schedule maintenance events for every vehicle in order to keep your fleet in tiptop condition. This not only will extend the life of your fleet, but also provide a safer working environment for drivers and passengers alike.

An added benefit of tracking your maintenance events is that it gives you an accurate history of each vehicle. In collision and worker's comp claims, this kind of documentation is essential to the investigation. Now, thanks to the rich feature sets of Enterprise GPS tracking, a completely detailed maintenance record is now just a mouse click away. It's one more way in which Enterprise GPS is streamlining fleet managing for dispatchers and owners alike.

Enterprise GPS' advanced tracking products and services will immediately help you correct driver behavior, aid in vehicle recovery, and reduce the number of accidents and resulting collision claims as well. In the end, it is guaranteed to enhance the overall profitability of your organization.

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