Richard Kane’s International Limousine Service Buys Green Vehicles

Posted on May 3, 2010

The leading D.C. chauffeured transportation company rounds out its comprehensive green approach with 14 new green vehicles.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - International Limousine Service, Inc., the largest privately held chauffeured transportation provider in Washington, D.C., recently added $2 million worth of new Hybrid buses, sedans and FlexFuel SUVs to its fleet of 120 vehicles. The replacement vehicles include eight bio-diesel/hybrid mini-buses, three Royale Fusion Hybrid Ls, and three GMC flex-fuel Suburbans.

This is just one of many investments ILS has made toward sustainability, and toward ensuring that corporate travel managers have a "green" chauffeured transportation option to comply with their environmental travel mandates.

Richard P. Kane, president and CEO of International Limousine Service and past president of the National Limousine Association, said, "From the types of vehicles we purchase, to the type of fuel we put in them, we are proud to be the local choice for a healthier mode of transportation. If you have to go somewhere, go green."

In addition to the new hybrid vehicles, International Limousine purchases biodiesel fuel to power all of its diesel fleet, a claim no other private charter carrier in the D.C. area can make. The company also updates its fleet continuously to ensure use of the latest automotive technology to attain the most efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

ILS takes other significant environmentally-friendly measures as well. The company uses a nitrogen machine for inflating tires, which maintains tire pressure longer and decreases vehicles' rolling resistance, resulting in less energy usage. This also extends the life of the tires, reducing the need to purchase more tires and saving the company money as it drives more than one million miles per year.

The company has reached an agreement with its electric supplier to ensure that at least 50% of its electricity comes from clean wind energy, and is in the process of upgrading all of its internal and external electrical outlets, installing timers and sensors to minimize energy waste. A rigorous organization-wide recycling program has also been put into place. Through the thorough recycling of all company waste including bottles, cans, newsprint and cardboard, ILS has significantly reduced trash going into landfills. The company holds employee training to ensure the implementation of the recycling program.

ILS was founded in 1971 and later bought by the E.I. Kane Company. In 1999, it became an independent entity and is now completely owned by Richard P. Kane. With eight fully trained travel coordinators located at the company's recently renovated 24-hour reservation center, ILS operates Washington, D.C.'s largest private fleet of limousines, sedans, SUVs and luxury mini-buses.

Source: International Limousine Service

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