ASA Electronics Unveils New LCD Monitor, Stereo Ideal For Buses

Posted on April 20, 2010

The Jensen JE729BVM more closely fits the needs of the bus industry with wider viewing angles and brighter picture quality, while allowing for maximum passenger headroom. The Jensen JBR550 AM/FM/CD/PA Ready Stereo integrates both audio entertainment features and PA system compatibility.

ELKHART, Ind. - ASA Electronics recently introduced the new Jensen JE729BVM seven-inch wide screen LCD monitor to the bus industry.

The flat panel LCD display, when positioned one per every two rows, ensures all passengers a better view. The aggressive cost structure of this smaller Jensen monitor enables operators to strengthen their video presence by placing 10 to 12 monitors per coach as opposed to four 15-inch screens at roughly the same price.

The energy efficient LED backlight seven-inch LCD monitor features 12VDC power; high brightness to fend off potential washout caused by direct or indirect sunlight; a 300:1 contrast ratio providing vivid color; and strong viewing angles of 100°/120°, making every seat in the bus a great seat.

The 16:9 aspect ratio allows movies originally filmed in widescreen to be displayed more accurately. This wider image is ideal for all bus applications as it provides passengers with the opportunity to sit on either the far left or right sides of the screen and still enjoy sharp picture images and reduced glare. 

Made specifically for bus applications, the JE7 29BVM more closely fits the needs of the bus industry with wider viewing angles and brighter picture quality while allowing for maximum passenger headroom. The monitor is intentionally designed without front controls or dome lights to eliminate potential passenger interference and powers up automatically when a video source is received. It can be easily installed under luggage racks and offers the industry a sleek, low-profile design in an injection-molded, gray, low gloss ABS housing. 

The monitor also is uniquely designed, built, and tested to withstand road conditions such as vibrations, humidity, and temperature fluctuations commonly encountered within the industry.

Meanwhile, ASA Electronics also introduced the Jensen JBR550 AM/FM/CD/PA Ready Stereo, which integrates both audio entertainment features and PA system compatibility.

The Jensen JBR550 is a 160 Watt AM/FM/CD player that has been smartly designed with an integrated microphone/PA input so that bus electronics finally can be unified into one sleek, effective unit. The JBR550 eliminates the need for a stand alone PA system. With this designed integration, the Jensen PA feature also operates when the radio is on the off mode.

The Jensen JBR550 has a rear auxiliary audio input for additional external audio (from video source) hookup, and a fixed front faceplate, which eliminates the potential for passenger interference. The large, user-friendly buttons make it easy for any driver to control, and the positive LCD screen makes audio functions easy to read, even in the sunlight.

Additional features of the new JBR550 include an electronic AM/FM tuner, a single CD player with 40 seconds of Electronic Skip Protection (ESP) for music integrity even in bumpy conditions, a built-in clock, and a time/frequency display selector. The JBR550 has all these features while meeting the industry price points and without sacrificing the much needed product durability.

Additional Jensen handheld, boom and hostess microphones are available separately. Mic extensions, in lengths of three-feet, 10-feet, and 20-feet, also can be purchased through ASA Electronics. The Jensen JBR550 is available to the mid-size, school bus, and motorcoach industries.

Information: Valerie Martz, ASA Electronics, (800) 688-3135; www.asaelectronics.com.


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