LimoInsure Micro Web Site Offers One-Stop Shop

Posted on March 31, 2010

Available to Zurich Financial Services and Western Experts in Transportation insurance agents and customers, LimoInsure provides safety and regulation information and enables customers to report a claim online.

KINGSTON, Wash. - Zurich, Switzerland's Zurich Financial Services and Kingston, Wash.-based Western Experts in Transportation have partnered to provide a customized microsite that offers a wide range of tools to both their agents and the limousine companies they insure.

Developed by December 2008, launched in January 2009, and then made available to Western Experts customers, LimoInsure is designed to be a one-stop shop for operators. Customers can visit the site for e-solutions, including information about driver hiring practices, and safety; receive their own virtual consulting report; and report claims through the microsite, said Matt Burbach, assistant vice president of Zurich Financial Services.

The microsite is available to customers of LimoInsure and Western Experts in Transportation.

Additionally, the site has a link to a virtual consulting tool that enables an insurer to log in and get a benchmarking report of their particular industry, said Mark Vereen, senior loss control consultant. The insurer or operator then receives a report with archived loss and intervention information going back five years.

"Any operator of a limousine fleet, large or small, can...see the benchmarks and where the losses are occurring, by loss type...and claims that have come up," Vereen added.

Jim Phelps, senior risk engineer of e-consulting, pointed to additional pages in virtual consulting, including an interactive strategy page, listing the top 10 causes of loss in the public auto industry. "[It] is based on our own risk engineering experience. We have industry experts who have spent countless hours developing the best practices for these different business groups. We update that frequently," Phelps said.

Limousine operators or insurers also can use links within the virtual consulting report that will take them to a variety of tools and materials they can deploy to improve or establish a more comprehensive fleet safety program. Resources include forms, policy information, white papers, and links to training videos. Vereen pointed out that these tools are especially useful for a small operation that may not have the resources to employ a safety professional.

"It's a way we can deliver tools to any of our customers, wherever they are," Burbach said. "This is a way that we can actually reach out, and at the customer's own [pace], they can access these tools at no cost to them."

LimoInsure also provides updates on developing issues or regulatory changes in the industry related to safety and loss prevention, making it a useful daily or weekly tool to check, Vereen said.

"For example, the new regulations that go into effect at the federal level for small passenger carriers, we're working to develop some guidance for our insureds to help them through that change. We'll be putting that info on the microsite," Phelps added.

"It's a part of their insurance that [customers] often don't think about, but that's there for the taking," he said.

- Nicole Schlosser, LCT Magazine

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