PAR Inc. Named Program Manager for CNA Limo Insurance

Posted on February 24, 2010

The company is looking for agents across the U.S., and offers unique coverage specifically designed for limousine companies.

DENVER - Denver-based Public Auto Risks Inc. (PAR Inc.) was named the program manager for Chicago-based CNA Insurance's new limousine insurance program, which will provide broadened protection beyond the basic coverage provided to the limousine industry.

PAR Inc. will focus on insuring premium limousine companies across the U.S., with an emphasis on New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota and Arizona.

One primary goal of PAR Inc. new program is to offer limited distribution.

"When we put an agent in a state, there are normally only one or two agents in that state, and they both have the understanding we're not going to allow any Broker Of Record letters. That way it's the people that develop the program who get to have the benefit of it....We're very interested in protecting our program and having it be long-term," said Lee Martinez, director, PAR Inc.

Another focus of PAR Inc. is on being as agent-friendly as possible, offering a Web site that specifically designed for agents. "We deliver all of the agency needs via the Internet so every form that they need to do business in the state, with CNA, and with us is available there," Martinez said. The Web site also accommodates clients; they can click on any state on the home page to find agents near them and their Web site.

"We are very excited about this new collaboration with CNA and look forward to many years of success working with them to service the limousine industry," said Michelle Talbott, PAR Inc. senior underwriter. "This program promises to offer a level of protection unmatched by many of its competitors."

PAR Inc. and CNA took time to design the program to address the issues that limousine companies often encounter. "Most of the policies out on the market with the major carriers cover up to $2,500 of electronics in the limousine. Limousines carry a lot more than $2,500 in electronics. Our endorsement is up to $25,000. If you have a stretch and it has eight flat screen TVs, a big screen TV and a light show...I think that we're addressing those needs," Martinez said.

Other unique types of coverage specifically designed for limousines that the company offers include lease-gap coverage that will pay off a lease if a client is upside down on a car, and hard auto coverage.

"If they have a big run and the Rolling Stones come into town and they need 50 sedans that day, they can go lease those sedans without notification and they're automatically covered for up to 30 days," Martinez said.

PAR Inc is actively seeking additional insurance brokers from around the country to access this program; and has already named two agents: Kinloch Consulting Group of Melville, NY (516-496-0500) will be its exclusive representative in New York; and Transpo Insurance of Las Vegas, Nev. (702-364-4727) will be its exclusive representative in Nevada and Utah.

While the company is looking for other agents in the remaining states, they are very selective in the agents they choose. "We pick our preferred partners based on information and referrals. We don't want the biggest player in the market; we want the best," Martinez explained.

For additional information on the CNA limousine program, contact Michelle Talbott, senior underwriter, at (303) 736-6336 or [email protected] 

Information: PAR Inc. visit http://www.publicautorisks.com/.

-- Nicole Schlosser, LCT Magazine

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     | about 7 years ago

    Hi I have 2003 Lincoln strech limousine ,10 pass I need livery insurance I want to work personel Suffolk ,,I live Suffolk Shirley 6313946003 please call I need incurance.....

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