New Online Marketplace RideBid.com Unites Riders With Operators

Posted on October 20, 2009

The reverse auction process only charges vendors a fee for rides that are actually booked.

LAS VEGAS, NV - New, user-friendly RideBid.com is the first bidding engine to unite riders and livery companies using a competitive, reverse auction process, where vendors actively bid on upcoming rides from potential customers.

How It Works

Riders post details for upcoming rides, including pick-up and drop-off times and location, and livery companies submit competitive bids. Unlike other online quoting systems, RideBid.com provides equal and open access for vendors to view the details of each ride before bidding. The vendor may then tailor their bid according to the time of year, day of week, occasion, and other factors that may influence price fluctuation. Pricing is left entirely to the vendor's discretion.

This bidding system keeps the process dynamic. All bids remain visible throughout the bidding cycle and may be revised at any time until the rider chooses a vendor. Vendors also can take advantage of the optional SecuredBid functionality, where they can submit their ideal rate and a floor amount (or the lowest price at which they are willing to fulfill the ride). If a competitor bids at a lower rate, the system will gradually decrement the vendor's bid amount toward the floor price so that the best rate is always presented to the rider.

The rider is not obligated to accept the lowest bid, and may choose to give prior customers' feedback greater consideration when selecting a vendor. The advantage is that a vendor with an exceptional service rating may still win the bid although their price is not the lowest.

What makes RideBid.com unique? The site partners with livery companies to get idle fleet moving. There is no cost to vendors to join or view all rides available in their service area. Vendors pay a nominal bidding fee only if the ride is booked through RideBid.com. No fee is charged if the rider walks away, unlike other e-commerce livery sites that charge vendors simply for the lead regardless of the outcome.

Benefits Of RideBid.com

RideBid.com allows livery companies to maximize their fleets at a low-cost margin. The marketplace acts as a funnel for livery jobs, offering vendors a steady stream of new customers. Members can narrow search results to view rides posted in their service areas and elect to receive notifications on newly posted rides and bids won.   

While it may be tough to stand out from the crowd in the Yellow Pages, excellent service and affordable pricing speaks for itself at RideBid.com. The site's customer review system harnesses the most powerful marketing tool available - word of mouth. Satisfied customers will tell thousands of others about the exceptional service they received. Only riders who have used a vendor's services through RideBid.com can leave feedback, so competitors and other random users cannot manipulate a vendor's ranking.

By partnering with RideBid.com, vendors are able to focus their efforts on quality customer service. The site handles the logistics of each transaction and notifies the vendor of any ride cancellations. RideBid.com provides vendors with useful tools to identify rides beneficial to their business, track rides they've bid on, and even a professionally designed placard (containing the rider's name, vendor company logo and ride details) prior to each pick-up. 

RideBid.com is actively signing-up vendors on the new site, so that they may get a head start on their competition. Charter members will receive training on system navigation and be able to provide valuable feedback as marketplace grows.

RideBid.com and its affiliates increase business profits by decreasing idle fleet time and helping vendors more efficiently schedule drivers. Full cars lead to full bank accounts.

More information: Ride Bid, Inc.; 1.888.5.RIDEBID; (702) 442-5033;

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