New Green Motto: Sustainability Without Sacrifice

Posted on October 20, 2009

LSA Worldwide introduces sustainable ground transportation solutions to the Washington, D.C. market at the Green Business Summit & Awards.

SILVER SPRING, MD - LSA Worldwide, a corporate chauffeured ground transportation company providing services to Washington, D.C. and surrounding Maryland and Virginia markets, unveiled its new sustainability strategy to the greater D.C.-area business community at the Green Business Summit & Awards held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel on Oct. 13.

Alex Pope, President and CEO of the company, said that the decision to announce the company's commitment to more environmentally responsible solutions at the awards ceremony is only the first step in what will be what he describes as an "aggressive transformation of the company over the next several years."

"The Greater Washington Board of Trade and the Washington Business Journal have put together an exciting program to bring together companies from across Greater Washington that are working to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into their business and community work," Pope said. "We are pleased to be able to support the event and introduce a more environmentally responsible approach to ground transportation to the attendees and award winners."

The LSA Worldwide team introduced the new LSA branding and "greener" vehicles at the accompanying trade show. And, after the success of last year's inaugural Green Summit, Pope felt that this year's program would provide the perfect venue for introducing the latest addition to the LSA Worldwide fleet of executive vehicles - The Hybrid L Livery Sedan - to the area's business leaders. 

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing," and Pope knows that this Hybrid is worth looking at.

"The minute we tell our customers and prospects that we expect up to 47 mph in the city in our new vehicles, they immediately think 'Prius" and say 'no way'," Pope said. "Until they can actually 'touch and feel' the luxury appointments, extended rear leg and shoulder room, it simply does not compute. The Summit gives us the opportunity to do just that - let people see the equipment so that they really understand that we can reduce our emissions by 50% in this car without asking them to sacrifice comfort and safety."

As new vehicles, such as the Hybrid L Livery Sedan, come into the marketplace, LSA Worldwide will continue to convert to vehicles with higher MPGs and lower carbon footprints. "We are working with Limousine Environmental Action Partners, to identify the areas of opportunity to increase efficiencies, integrate new, alternatively fueled vehicles, train our chauffeurs, and educate our clients so that we can begin to change behaviors," Pope said. "It isn't about just putting Hybrid L Livery Sedans into the fleet - we are looking at every aspect of the company."

The company's new tag line - SUSTAINABILITY WITHOUT SACRIFICE - is designed to deliver the message that doing good doesn't have to be uncomfortable, or more expensive. "We understand that chauffeured ground transportation, especially in the greater Washington DC area, has become a critical business service and part of an organization's business travel strategy," Pope said. "That means that, in addition to providing the right vehicles, the right technologies and processes into an innovative, environmentally sensitive program, LSA Worldwide actively and effectively helps our clients to fuel their own green transformation by helping our clients to make well-informed decisions to reduce their own corporate travel carbon footprint.

About LSA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

Headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, LSA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is one of the nation's largest chauffeured ground transportation companies. Since 1957, LSA Worldwide's management team has built its business and reputation on a highly professional approach to the management of large scale corporate programs and special event logistics.  

About LEAP

Limousine Environmental Action Partners, LLC (LEAP) is a strategy consultancy and environmental marketing communications firm specializing in sustainable strategies for chauffeured ground transportation providers and corporate fleet managers. LEAP's full spectrum programs are setting the industry standard by providing the tools to assist its clients in greening their fleets, reducing the emissions generated by their operations, and promoting a sustainable ground transportation supply-chain for their customers. 

More information: http://www.leap-marketing.com/; 1-877-808-LEAP

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