New Windshield Washer Fluids Feature Green Chemicals

Posted on August 26, 2009

Available in five summer and winter formulations, Daimer's non-toxic Eco-Green products clean windshields and won't harm vehicle surfaces, roads, or the environment.

WOBURN, MA - Daimer Industries, Inc., a major supplier and worldwide exporter of commercial cleaning products, and green chemicals, has released a line of all-natural, plant-based windshield washer fluids available in concentrations up to 1500:1 for the transportation industry, including fleet-based businesses.

The biodegradable chemical is available in five formulas, including two for winter (concentrated Windshield Wash Winter Formula Super Concentrate and ready-to-use Windshield Wash Winter Formula RTU), two for summer (Windshield Wash Summer Formula Super Concentrate and Windshield Wash Summer Formula RTU), plus a year round Windshield Wash All Season Formula RTU. The products will not harm the environment, vehicle finishes or roads. Daimer is offering these windshield cleaning products and other chemical products to customers worldwide.

Conventional windshield washer fluid has become controversial because it contains hazardous chemicals and solvents. Over the years, billions of liters of the fluid have been expelled into the air and onto the ground. Traditional formulations have been blamed for everything from damaging pavement and infrastructure to polluting the air and water. Many automotive enthusiasts are concerned that windshield fluid can harm their vehicles; some are even using homemade concoctions.

Windshield washer fluid technology

To address these problems, Daimer has engineered Eco-Green formulations for the transportation industry that are derived from plants and vegetables without any solvents, ozone-depleting substances, synthetics or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition, Eco-Green chemical products are readily biodegradable. The chemicals biodegrade by more than 90% within 28 days, or about 50% faster than most competitors, according to testing performed by an internationally known laboratory. The products are also safe to use and clean with a high level of safety as evidenced by all zero values on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hazard diamond.

Eco-Green employs Daimer's unique Micro-Blasting technology, which uses nano-based particles, 1/80,000 the thickness of human hair, to penetrate unwanted substances.

Multiple formulations for multiple markets

Eco-Green windshield washer fluids are available in five preparations formulated to improve visibility. The solutions will not damage vehicle paint, car wax, rubber or plastics.

The winter product helps to melt snow and light ice on windshield surfaces, prevents refreezing, and washes away dirt and road salt from windshields. It has freezing points from -15ºF to -25ºF. Windshield Wash Winter Formula Super Concentrate does not require special blending equipment, mixes easily with water at a ratio 600:1 - 800:1, and can be easily prepared by anyone. It is ideal for large fleets (army, car dealerships, bus and trucking companies, and other companies managing numerous vehicles) that want to blend chemicals themselves. It is available in packages from 1-quart bottles and larger. Windshield Wash Winter Formula RTU is packaged in gallons and larger sizes.

The summer solution is a superior cleaner made to remove insect stains, bird splatters, tar, sap, road grime, and other substances from vehicle windshields. Windshield Wash Summer Formula Super Concentrate can be diluted at a ratio of up to 1500:1. Like the winter product, it does not require special blending equipment, mixes easily with water, and can be easily prepared by anyone. It is packaged in containers from 1 quart bottles and larger. Windshield Wash Summer Formula RTU, the ready to use version, is packaged in gallons and larger sizes.

Eco-Green Windshield Wash All Season Formula RTU is a ready to use formula that combines the benefits of Summer Formula and Winter Formula - it is formulated to remove bugs and tar and has a freezing point of -25ºF. It comes packaged in containers of gallons and larger.

More green chemicals for the transportation industry

In addition to the five windshield washer fluids, Daimer has put together an Eco-Green transportation/automotive industry product line: Heavy-Duty Car Wash, Carpet Care, Upholstery Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner, and Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner. Heavy-Duty Car Wash removes oil, grease, road tar, bugs, tree sap, and other substances that can tarnish vehicle surfaces. The product is formulated for use with closed-loop car wash systems, pressure washers or even a sponge and bucket. For cleaning inside vehicles, Carpet Care helps remove stains and dirt.

Transportation organizations that would like to purchase Eco-Green® windshield washer fluids or reduce the costs associated with hazardous material disposal, the regulatory compliance associated with certain "traditional" cleaning products and the liability associated with the use of toxic/harmful substances can learn more about Eco-Green products online at Daimer.com.

Questions and requests for additional information can be directed to Matthew Baratta by calling (888) 507-2220.

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