Google Maps And MapQuest Yield To RouteFast

Posted on July 21, 2009

The new navigation and mapping company caters to multiple underserved markets.

FRESNO, CA - RouteFast LLC, a company in the route planning, mapping and navigation industry, has launched a service that instantly provides the fastest route to multiple addresses or locations.

Headquartered in Fresno, the company caters to market segments that Google and MapQuest ignore: delivery services, limousine chauffeurs, salespeople, real estate agents, and service technicians who all need the fastest, most direct route to multiple locations.

"Our market is comprised of people who have significant buying power and spend huge chunks of their time driving from place to place," said Brandon Feemster, RouteFast Founder and CEO. We are devoted to helping them as well as other frequent travelers reach multiple U.S. or Canadian destinations quickly. And we get them where they need to go without them experiencing the typical frustrations that come with other navigation and GPS systems."

RouteFast is a straight-forward online mapping application. It gives individuals who take frequent road trips or companies that have employees who travel often direct driving routes for multiple locations anywhere in the U.S or Canada. The tool works by entering addresses or locations into a web-based application and the output is an instant calculation of the fastest possible route from point A to Z or roundtrip.

The technology behind RouteFast incorporates intuitive capabilities which major competitors such as MapQuest and Google Maps lack. "There are two huge differences which make RouteFast more valuable to frequent business and leisure travelers," Feemster said. "One is that RouteFast does not require users to enter addresses in the exact order in which they plan to stop so there's no confusion about the best route when a single trip involves multiple stops and starts."

"Another key difference", Feemster notes, "is that RouteFast is capable of storing driving directions for up to able 24 locations and has the capacity to save an unlimited number of routes. Our state-of-the-art technology enables subscribers to send routes by email, to mobile phones and GPS devices. This makes it easy for travelers to get an accurate report of destinations which they can use to track mileage and plan expenses. These options don't exist with Google Maps, MapQuest, and many other navigation services."

RouteFast doesn't require subscribers to download or install software and the tool can be used easily with Mac or PCs. Subscribers can test drive RouteFast for free at and then choose from four paid subscription services designed for individuals and companies.

RouteFast focuses on helping frequent leisure and business travelers reach their destinations easily and quickly using a simple web-based interface that integrates with other mobile devices. From Internet to cell phone, RouteFast is the premier provider of trustworthy, up-to-date navigation and routing solutions that gets road travelers where they need to go using the fastest possible route.

Source: RouteFast.com

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