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Posted on April 28, 2009
The Royale Lincoln Town Car 30-inch mobile office provides all the amenities and comforts for clients who need to maximize time and work connections.
The Royale Lincoln Town Car 30-inch mobile office provides all the amenities and comforts for clients who need to maximize time and work connections.

BERGENFIELD, N.J. - While many corporate executives are abandoning chauffeur-driven limousines, and executive sedan services because of a perception that they are "wasteful," Anthony Berritto, owner of Salson Logistics has found the opposite to be true.

Like many executives, Berritto spends a significant amount of time commuting to work and visiting clients. He contends that driving himself is actually far more wasteful than having a professional take him to his destinations -- particularly in a custom vehicle that is literally equipped like a high-end, rolling mobile car office.

From the comfort of his plush, heated leather and reclining seats he can access his in car computer and check email, research relevant information about potential clients on the internet, make sales calls, even handle payroll for his 1400-employee trucking company.

"During a typical week, I used to spend upwards of 20 hours in traffic, getting virtually nothing done," explains Berritto, who now rides in the back of a mini stretch Lincoln Town Car that is barely discernable from a standard sedan from the outside, called a LTC 30 Mobile Office.

The car was built to spec by Royale Limousine Manufacturers, a Cabot Coach Builders Company in Haverhill, Mass.

"This allows me to buy back that valuable time." If the economic slowdown has caused some corporate executives to stop using chauffeured services, Berritto insists it's more because of perception than reality. "I find it's even more important these days to be out there getting face-time with my clients," he says. "And that means more time on the road. When you do the math - adding up what I pay for a chauffeured sedan versus my ability to be productive during that time - it's a no-brainer."

Berritto's vehicle is called a Royale LTC 30 Mobile Office because it was "stretched" 30 inches, giving rear-seat occupants a tremendous amount of legroom/space. The vehicle is equipped with dozens of special amenities, including ergonomically designed desks, onboard computer, 20-inch LCD monitor, satellite television, reclining rear seats with massage, 110v inverter, six-inch extended rear doors, and advanced Touch Controls for adjusting everything from climate to the premium stereo system's volume.

Berritto purchased his direct from Royale's New York factory showroom and uses his own privately-hired driver.

"I've owned all kinds of high-end sedans from Mercedes Benz, Bentley and Lexus -- and this car was not only less expensive, it's less ostentatious and much more productive for my business."

For more information go to www.royalelimo.com and select Mobile Office or call Royale at (800) 544-5587 (nationwide) or (718) 937-9090 (New York Metro area).

SOURCE: Royale and BusinessWire

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