Northeast Transportation Provider Buys First GMC Tahoe Hybrids

Posted on May 1, 2008



BEDFORD HILLS, N.Y. — GM recently delivered the first six production Tahoe hybrid SUVs off the GM line to MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach Inc. of Bedford Hills, N.Y. MTC, an executive ground transportation supplier for business and leisure travelers, is the only such company accepted as a partner in the EPA Climate Leaders program and has helped lead the industry in developing sustainable practices.


MTC primarily serves Westchester County, N.Y., Northern New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Conn.


Adding the hybrid Tahoes to the MTC fleet of more than 150 vehicles is one of many strategies that MTC uses to reduce the net effect of its fleet emissions. The company already has started optimizing fuel efficiency of its vehicles by switching to low-carbon fuels and reducing miles traveled.



In addition to putting the hybrid Tahoes into immediate service, MTC is working closely with GM on a hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle. “MTC is providing logistical support, and to increase corporate awareness, MTC has the vehicle on the road in front of America’s biggest companies,” said Joe Brunetto, fleet manager for MTC, in a statement. “Our testing of this exciting new technology is providing real-world data that GM engineers need to make the American automotive industry a global leader in environmental sustainability. We view this as the right thing to do not only for our company, but our country as well.”  



MTC is a partner in the EPA Climate Leaders program, which includes such industry heavyweights as IBM and Ford Motor Company. MTC also was a founding partner of LEAP, the Limousine Environmental Action Partnership. LEAP is a collaboration of limousine companies, other fleet operations, and their suppliers and vendors. It creates an educational outreach and mentoring effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare the executive ground transportation industry for changes ahead. Through LEAP, all types of operators will have real solutions to emissions reductions that are both financially sound and environmentally responsible. LEAP is a strategy that smoothes the bumps in the road toward newer and more efficient technologies that operators will have to embrace over time. LEAP takes the mystery out of flex fuels and bio-fuels, hybrids, and hydrogen, and keeps the operators in control with real solutions for emissions reductions.


“There’s no magic bullet that’s going to make emissions go away overnight, so we have to do everything we can to ensure we keep pushing the automakers to build equipment that addresses the concerns of our customers,” said Trevor Franklin, CEO of MTC, in a statement. “I’m a businessman and my customers want more sustainable vehicles without compromising a quiet, comfortable ride. That’s why I challenged my team to become members to develop a sustainable plan for our future.”


For more information on MTC’s environmental responsibility, please visit www.mtccarbonfree.com.

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