LANJ Touts Livery-sure Insurance Program

Posted on October 1, 2008

MAHWAH, N.J. — The Limousine Associations of New Jersey (LANJ) is getting the word out to its members and other industry associations that the LANJ Livery-sure insurance program offers a wide range of competitive insurance coverage options.


Three years in the making, Livery-sure was established to provide members, including small fleet operators, with all they need for fleet and company insurance purchase options through the stable pricing of well-established insurance companies.


“When the market turns hard, insurance companies dramatically increase rates, which can drive operators out of business,” said Barry Lefkowitz, executive director of LANJ and government affairs director for the National Limousine Association (NLA). During the past three years, Lefkowitz has been working with LANJ officers and insurance supplier members to create a comprehensive, sustainable insurance program. He worked closely with Brad Post of P.A. Post Agency and Tony Mahon of AJM Insurance Management Inc., to create the Livery-sure program, which was unanimously approved by the LANJ board and launched in May.


During the past few months, LANJ has been notifying members about the program and enrolling them. Also, Lefkowitz and Ackerman have been telling officers at other state associations in the region about Livery Sure and the benefits of setting up the program for their members. “Our intention is to bring this to other state associations to bring greater control over their destiny,” Lefkowitz said.


For LANJ members who join the Livery-sure program, all insurance coverage is being provided: auto liability, physical damage to autos and property, general liability, employment practices liability insurance, workers compensation, and group life and health insurance. P.A. Post Agency and AJM Insurance Management have networked with insurance companies providing coverage in all categories, which is about five to six insurers per category, said Richard Ackerman, senior sales executive for Mahwah, N.J.–based PA Post Agency.


Benefits to LANJ members include competitive, stable insurance rates, loss control meetings to help operators build their safety programs, association support through event sponsorship and advertising, and a regular newsletter covering topics such as establishing driver qualifications and handling DOT audits.


As in most states, the timing is right for this new program. “Auto insurance is an arduous task for New Jersey operators,” Ackerman said. “They only had a handful of options to look at, and it came to them through a ‘take it or leave it’ approach. There are a lot of good operators in New Jersey, and they shouldn’t be punished.”


Operators with the toughest challenge are those with one to three vehicles in their fleets, Ackerman said. “Small business owners have the least available options when it comes to insurance. Insurance costs more for smaller operators.”


Livery-sure was established with two insurance program tracks: one for operators with three or fewer vehicles, and one for operators with four or more in their fleets. Operators in the one-to-three fleet category can call an 888 telephone number and talk to a staff member who will complete the application over the phone. These operators receive coverage information within 24 hours of making the call, he said.


Another advantage for the one-to-three fleet category is being part of a group program. Livery-sure is able to negotiate favorable, competitive, and stable rates for all LANJ members, no matter what the size. “This creates leverage because of the volume” of operators and their fleets in the LANJ membership, he said. For more information: www.liverysure.com.



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