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Cover Story - April 1998

1952 Bentley Brings Operator Significant New Front Center

By: LCT Staff

The chauffeurs are well versed in the history and idiosyncrasies of each vehicle, which adds to the clients’ enjoyment. “Customers who like the classic cars are interested in the vehicle’s history,” says Bays. “When the chauffeur can talk about the company that built the vehicle and the original owners, it adds to the total experience.” 

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15th Anniversary Spotlight: Don Dailey

In 1967, Don Dailey’s National Executive Services (NES) began providing limousine service in the San Francisco Bay area that was unlike any service available in the region at that time.


Heavy-Duty Sedans Make For Safer Limousines

Due to financial reasons often operators would rather buy a used sedan with a new conversion opposed to a QVM- and/or CMC-certified vehicle. However many fail to realize that the product safety is measured by the weight of the vehicle.