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Cover Story - October 1998

Operator Gains a Competitive Advantage With De Soto

By: LCT Staff

From 1928 to 1961, the Chrysler De Soto was one of the most popular cars in America. 

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Can Technology Survive This Industry?

Software can build efficiencies and streamline an operation, but can only help the operator if he or she fully understands what they’re asking it to do. 


Develop a Website to Satisfy Your Client’s Specific Needs

The Internet has developed into one of the most powerful marketing tools in business today. It has been hailed by the corporate world as a facilitator of global electronic commerce. The Internet doesn’t need to be intimidating or mysterious. Users are more sophisticated than ever before. Millions have conquered the Internet learning curve.

George Jacobs, president of American Limousine in Burr Ridge, IL, recently sold his company to Carey International.

Carey Acquires American Limousine

Carey, the world’s largest provider of chauffeured transportation, has continued its aggressive growth pattern by acquiring the nation’s largest single city limousine service provider. American Limousine reported 1997 sales of approximately $20 million.