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Cover Story - November/December

Moving Forward Into the ’Nineties

By: LCT Staff

LIMO president Marty Averbuch describes the group’s seal and inspection programs

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Cultivating An Image

Scott Solombrino turned his summer job into a thriving livery enterprise, Fifth Avenue, and later took over the Dav-EI national network.


Tomorrow's Communications in Today's Limousines

According to a survey of limousine operators nationwide, communication is very important in fact, inadequate equipment can cripple a livery service. Consequently, an operator relies on his communication system to keep his fleet running as efficiently possible.


Giving Hollywood a Helping “Hand”

Empire Coach in Brooklyn, NY was commissioned to create a boardroom/playroom-style Interior for the new Bruce Willis movie “Hudson Hawk.” The 1955 Chrysler Imperial includes a paper shredder that Willis uses to mangle the hand of a “bad guy.”


Don’t Get Down On Yourself

White we’re not officially back in a recession at the moment, the economy is sluggish thus far in the fourth quarter of 1990 and so is the limousine business. In our seven years of publication, we have never heard so many operators complain that business is soft.